How to dress well: 5 Best style tips to dress well for a men

by LLxx on Mar 08, 2024

How to dress well: 5 Best style tips to dress well for a men

There are many rules we follow to make our life beautiful and easy. some of the rules help us as the rules of dressing up. Of course, every man and woman has their personal test and opinion about such thing from their own experience and defiantly all people test are not the same and not always work for another.

We must remember dressing up and dressing well is not the same thing. some of us think dressing well is expensive and complicated but actually, it’s not.

Definitely, you don’t need to wear suits every day or wear new clothes.

Certainly, there are many rules out there than what I present there or some of these you already discovered but it’s about the pleasure of clothing where no rules should hamper.

For now, let’s make it simple. here we go!

TIP #1:Wear the Fit

Common mistakes men make wearing clothes are that don’t fit, oversize, or are short. Oversize clothes used to be trouble and not fashionable. if you are buying suits focus on the fit across the shoulder because getting the chest and waist deflect is relatively easy.

Don’t wear too long sleeves or that shirt are too wide, avoid the pants too baggy.

All these problems can be fixed by sizing down.

For example, if your size is L try by M. don’t think about others what they body cares what size you wear.

You wear what is fit not the level.

Usually smaller clothes fit well and look better and feel comfortable.

I am talking about clothes like suits or shirts, not skinny pants or sneakers.

Tip #2: Spend on Shoes

I spend most of my time making stylish shoes more comfortable, says Mr. Allen. Marketing head of toponepod TOP. most people don’t know how to choose the right shoes for a good dress up. you cant not wear athletic shoes with casual is important to choose appropriate shoes according to the occasion.

When you buy a shoe choice the color, size, and sole carefully. Don’t buy something that is fussy. Fussy shoes may look OK for an instant but they will reverse into strange quickly.

If you love sneaker time to ditch old trainers and upgrade your sneaker.

On travel? Wear comfortable and stylish slip-on shoes.

Get a pet? Customize your casual shoes printing your pet face on them. that reflect your passionate personality.

Just remember you need to find shoes that will work for you not against you.

Tip #3:Pay Attention to Your Appearance

Sounds like a mother’s advice, you have invested money for your clothing so look after it. Use a good wooden hanger for shirts and a shoe tree for shoes .dry polish your shoes. wash your clothes regularly what you need to wear frequently.

Just be simple but don’t be less solid. cut your nails and brush your hair. take care of the details.

TIP #4: Find Perfect Accessory

Adding accessories is one of the effective and easiest ways to get dress.

A good-looking watch/smartwatch, sunglasses, nice tie, bracelets, rings, hats, custom sneakers,s and other various functional but probably not totally necessary items can be worn .you look much more put together when you add accessories and go easy with them.

Simple but super practical and look great accessories like watches and sunglasses go any type of outfit both casual or formal.

TIP #5: Follow the dress code

whether at work or on occasion if you follow the dress code it becomes much easy to get well dress up. If you know the basic dress code of a marriage ceremony you will wear your best suit and tie and formal black shoes.

What will wear when go running? A casual running shoe with a trouser set is perfect.

A well-dressed guy always gets respect for maintaining the formality of the event.

When you dress well according to the code it will enhance your inner confidence.

if you don’t know or doubt just ask.

We all want us to look good, we don’t want to overdo it.