Know your shoes : shoe classification and their uses

by LLxx on Mar 08, 2024

Know your shoes : shoe classification and their uses

There are many types of shoes: according to the object of wear, there are men’s, women, children’s shoes;

according to the season, there are clip, single, cotton, sandals, and other shoes;

according to the material, there are leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, and plastic shoes;

According to the process, there are seam, injection, injection, molding, vulcanization, cold bonding, glue seam, slush molding, assembly, etc.;

according to the style, the shoe head has a square toe, round toe, and pointed round toe. , Pointed toe, with a flat heel, half high heel, high heel, and slope heel; shoe upper with a high heel, low heel, middle and high heel;

According to the purpose, there are daily life shoes, labor protection shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, heel shoes, height increasing shoes, etc.

Leather shoes

Leather shoe refers to the footwear that uses natural leather as the upper, leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc. as the sole, and is processed by sewing, gluing, or injection molding. Leather shoes are breathable, moisture-absorbing, and have good hygienic properties. They are the highest-quality shoes among all kinds of footwear.

Thousands of years ago, humans had the habit of wearing shoes. Leather shoes have a long history of wrapping their feet with animal skins, from leather shoes to modern leather shoes.

Nowadays, different kinds of leather shoes have become people’s favorite footwear, one of the commodities that beautify people’s lives and become an “important” product in the apparel category.

Uses of leather Shoes

Leather shoes are as versatile and fashionable as sports shoes, It has various styles of street, casual, and Japanese salt, It can also blend perfectly.

Leather shoes are the safest and most error-free choice to match formal wear.

A decent set of western fittings on a pair of leather shoes are standard for attending important events or occasions.

This meticulous sense of formality with calm black, brown, brown, and other dark colors is enough for any formal occasion.

It can easily create a sense of leisure, which is suitable for daily commuting.

leather shoes are most suitable for daily life with casual wear regardless of the material of casual pants, suit pants or overalls can be dressed in style

Wearing a striped shirt or denim jacket with Derby Leather shoe temperament is more than one step higher than ordinary white canvas.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or traveling. The soles of sports shoes are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally elastics and soft, which can play a certain cushioning effect.

It can enhance elasticity during exercise, and some can prevent ankle injuries. However, when doing sports, you must wear sports shoes, especially high-intensity physical sports, such as basketball, running, etc.

Uses of sports shoes

Sports shoes are also called sneakers, trainers, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, kicks, flats, running shoes, skate shoes, or runners. initially designed for sports or outdoor activity but now it has a wide range of casual uses.

Sports shoes are suitable for sportswear. They can be worn when walking, running, doing exercise, or at work.

Cloth shoes

as the name, it says cloth shoes are made of cloths. Cloth shoes have a long history of more than 3000 years.

popular cloth shoes are mainly canvas shoes, barefoot shoes.

Canvas shoes have become the treasure of the trend, and manufacturers have also played more tricks on canvas shoes. Retro, sports, gorgeous, heavy metal, rock, roll, horsehair, leather, and denim, no matter what changes occur, the no-brainer of wearing canvas shoes makes it a must-have item for trendy people.

Uses of canvas shoes

Everyone loves canvas shoes for different reasons, but the most classic reason must be that canvas shoes can be versatile.

Canvas shoes can be worn with anything. There are no taboos to wear canvas shoes and it is very casual. With canvas shoes, you no longer need to spend a lot of money and a lot of thought to choose shoes for your new clothes.

Canvas shoes with jeans, free and easy, comfortable and simple.

Canvas shoes are suitable for various occasions. Work, travel, and sports will be some of the best choices. Wearing a pair of lively, playful, and colorful canvas casual shoes, it is wonderful to walk easily in the natural surroundings of the fragrance of grains and the reddish maple leaves.


Slippers heel is empty, mostly flat bottom, the material is often quite light and soft leather, plastic, fabric, etc. The types of slippers are differentiated according to the performance purpose and wearing occasions.

For example, beach slippers will not be made of fabric, but plastic. This is for waterproof and easy cleaning. The toe cap is also specially designed and is often called flip-flops, which is what we call herringbone.

But in winter, indoor slippers, to keep warm, may use fluffy cloth instead of plastic, so that people have better enjoyment in the room. There are also anti-static slippers commonly used in electronics factories and dust-free workshops.