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How to clean winter Boot: Best tips for cleaning and maintaining winter boot

by LLxx on Mar 08, 2024

How to clean winter Boot: Best tips for cleaning and maintaining winter boot

Many people choose to wear boots in the winter. After wearing them for a long time, it is necessary to take care the boot for a long use . How to clean these boots?

Usually when we go home, you have to take out your boots and let them dry in a ventilated place to get rid of the tide. Find a better and suitable insoles before wearing, because shoes worn in winter are very easy to smell, because of the cold and wet weather in the winter, inside of the shoes is easy to get wet. And when wearing boots, the insoles should always be dried out, and the insoles should be replaced regularly and in time.


Do not use anything hard to wash/brush the boots. When storing them, you must remember to place them up with paper balls or towels to prevent them from becoming deformed for a long time.

Before maintenance and storage of boots, you need to prepare following things:brush (shoe brush), shoe stain remover, maintenance of shoe polish, soft towels, and torn stockings. Then follow the basic maintenance steps.

First of all, in the winter most common boot are leather boot and snow boot.the upper of leather boots is leather, so it is relatively simple to clean. However, the inner lining and the snow boots are normally containing plush, so the cleaning of the inner lining is more troublesome. It is recommended that it is better to use a professional cleaner to clean it, although the plush will change after washing. It's a bit crumbling, but just blow it with a hair dryer. After all, grease and oil are the biggest nemesis of inner hair. Dust is not very important. It can also be washed with bath powder and the effect is particularly good. But after washing, remember to keep it upside down and dry it with a hair dryer, shaking. Wear it after a few days in the air.


Boots maintenance:


  1. First, use a toothbrush (shoe brush) to brush off the dust and dirt on the shoes. The boots can be filled with newspaper or hard objects inside the shoe barrel to fix the shape of the shoe for easy cleaning.


  1. Then pour the stain remover on the cloth and rub it evenly, remember not to pour it directly on the shoe surface, as it may cause stain removal.


  1. Smear the inclined surface evenly on a large area and avoid wiping on a small area, otherwise there will be concerns about decolorization.


  1. Then lightly brush the upper with a shoe brush, and bring the remaining oil to the height of the boot, so that the boot can also be maintained.


  1. Finally, wipe it with a clean cloth, and the maintenance of the boots is complete.


Boot storage:


  1. Clean the boots before storing them. It is best to dry them in a ventilated place for 1-2 days, so that they will not easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites.


  1. Then follow the boot maintenance order to do the maintenance work for the boots.


  1. Afterwards, put the shaped object into the boot shaft to avoid deformation and wrinkles.


  1. Then put unused stockings on the boots to prevent dust from falling.


  1. Finally put it in a shoe box with holes. Good shoe boxes have holes for ventilation.


  1. Then put it in a dry, well-ventilated place.