15 Must-Have Beach Essentials For The Perfect Beach Trip

by LLxx on Mar 08, 2024

15 Must-Have Beach Essentials For The Perfect Beach Trip

Have you made your packing list yet?
Just a little planning can go a long way when it comes to a trip to the beach and with our selection of the beach essentials, gadgets and accessories, we will have you summer-ready in no time. Think of this as the perfect beach packing list!
There are some obvious items to pack for the beach, but we’ve come up with a list of must-have beach items that you may not have thought of. These essential items will make your beach day relaxed and carefree — just like any vacation should be. the perfect beach day is possible with these must-bring products.

1.Water shoes
Stay comfortable and protect your feet with these slip-on swim socks / water shoes. Made from breathable material, they are lightweight, quick drying and with the number of colors and designs available – you could even match them to your swimsuit! They are available for men, women and children here.

water shoes

2.Beach Mat
Beach blankets are always necessary, but the wrong blanket will get blown around, filled with sand, and will be hard to dry at the end of the day. This WildHorn Outfitters beach mat is made of parachute material so it’s quick-drying and lightweight. It also folds up very compactly for packing purposes. There are sand weights on the edges, too, so it won’t blow around in the beach breeze! It even has pockets for your belongings.
Beach Mat
3. Sand-Proof Beach Bag
Like CGear’s beach blanket, the brand’s sand-free tote features the same patented technology to keep sand out of the bottom of your bag so no more tracking sand into your car or home. The tote is also great for camping and picnics.
Sand-Proof Beach Bag
4. Beach Pants
They are perfect for beach destinations, especially if you find yourself in more conservative areas. These pants are lightweight and weigh nothing in a carry-on bag. I could literally live in these pants if it were acceptable to wear them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner out.

Beach Pants

5.Beach Tent: Coleman Beach Shade Shelter
Sunscreen aside, sometimes you just need a break from the sun. And if you’re beaching with little ones or seniors, it’s especially important to have shade. This pop-up beach tent from Coleman sets up in minutes and features material with a UPF 50 rating for extra sun protection.

Beach Tent

6. Polarized Sunglasses
Make sure to protect your eyes from the sun on the beach, these are another beach vacation must-haves. Polarized lenses are more expensive and you might not think you need them, but when you’re out in the sun, they make a world of a difference. In addition to UV ray protection, polarized lenses cut down on the glare from the sun, and that glare can be brutal when reflected off white sandy beaches.

Polarized Sunglasses

7. Bucket Hats
If you are considering what to pack for a beach resort vacation I recommend picking up a stylish beach hat! A classic travel staple is the Panama Hat which I wore in the Galapagos Islands. Hat Attack is a great place to shop for stylish hats.
Bucket Hats

8. Personal Hand-Held Fan
It gets hot on the beach, and the breeze is often not enough reprieve. A personal fan really adds to our comfort when lounging, and it is very helpful when cooling off children who may be overheated from playing. This one is small and light, but kicks out quite a breeze.

Personal Hand-Held Fan

9. Flip Flop Sandal
These surf flip flop style sandals are ideal for walking on the beach and uneven surfaces with added grip, support and durability. Find your flip flops size here.
Flip Flop Sandal

10. GoPro HERO8
This GoPro Hero 7 Black camera is not only a great action camera with video stabilization and live streaming, it is also waterproof and durable making it ideal for use at the beach. Grab a GoPro Here Today. And if you are hoping to capture some amazing over-under shots – be sure to pick up it.


11. Sun-Protective Hat
When packing for a day at the beach, make sure you don’t forget one. Not only do they look cute, but they will also protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.
Sun-Protective Hat

12. Portable folding table
Enjoy drinks, a picnic or even a BBQ at the beach with this handy folding table. Made from aluminum, this table is sturdy but also lightweight for long walks down to the beach and helps keep the pesky sand out of your food and drink! Click the image to add it to your beach gear list on Amazon!

Portable folding table

13. Swimwear
This stylish two-piece bikini from Body Glove will make a great addition to your next beach bag. The brand partnered with Tatiana Weston-Webb, a pro surfer, to create an entire collection of eco-friendly swimwear created from recycled materials. The bikini top– the Drew– is incredibly supportive and perfect for larger busts. It’s actually made of recycled ripped fabric, which makes it as environmentally responsible as it is flattering to the form.


14. Crocs
As light hearted as they are lightweight, Crocs footwear provides complete comfort and support for any occasion and every season.


15.Family Pop Up Beach Shade Canopy Tent Sun Shelter
If you’re going to the beach with a group of people, you’re going to need to create a much larger area of shade for everyone to lie and relax under. Don't worry about sunlight, rain or wind gusts.

Tent Sun Shelter

The Red Suricata Family Sunshade is a great piece of essential beach gear to keep all your friends and family in the shade.Simple to set up, the entire canopy folds down into a compact case. It’s held up with lightweight aluminum poles and down with bags of sand.Mobile and easily adjusted, now you and your beloved friends or family can enjoy and entire day at the beach under your very own canopy.